Pineapple Fried Rice


100    g    Fresh shrimp
50    g    Diced  Pineapple 
50    g    Chicken meat 
2    Tbsp    Dried currant
2    Tbsp    Diced onion
50    g    Cashew nut
2    Tbsp    Butter
2    tsp    Sugar
1    Tbsp    Soy sauce 
½    tsp    Pepper

how to cook

1. Fried butter and onion and then put shrimp and chicken to stir well

2. Season with soy sauce , sugar and pepper

3. Put rice ,  dried currant  and diced pineapples  to stir until mixed 

4.After finished , then scoop the fried rice into pineapple fruit

5. Topping with cashew nuts

benefit from rice

Brown Rice Germ: Reduce Cholesterol