“We serve various kinds of rice together with a concern for health”

Thai Hom Mali Rice

1. Thai Hom Mali Rice

called Khao Dok Mali or Khao Hom Mali. The best Jasmine rice in the world is grown primarily inThailand. The rice has white and long grain with uniqueness taste and natural fragrance after cooked.

Brown Jasmine Rice

2. Brown Jasmine Rice

A kind of whole grain from partially milling process. The rice has chewy texture and a good source of fiber and vitamins.

Red Cargo Rice

3. Red Cargo Rice

A type of unpolished Red rice, enriched with nutrients especially Anti- Oxidant.

Mixed Brown Jasmine Rice

4. Mixed Brown Jasmine Rice

A perfect combined the nutritional benefits of Brown and Red Cargo rice. It contains dietary fibre and antioxidants

Germinated Brown Jasmine Rice

5. Germinated Brown Jasmine Rice

A unique aromatic scent and freshness taste. The rice has rich in fiber and contains GABA, which has good benefits for the brain and nervous system and helps reduce the risk of Alzheimer disease.

Germinated Red Cargo Rice

6. Germinated Red Cargo Rice

A chewy texture that provide GABA and Anti-Oxidant nutrient which helpful reacts to natural hormonal changes and promote more radiant-looking appearance.

Germinated Black Cargo Rice

7. Germinated Black Cargo Rice

A shining dark feature containing health benefits nutrients including Vitamin E, iron, GABA and Anthocyanin which help to prevent risk of cancer and heart disease.

White Glutinous Rice

8. White Glutinous Rice

called “Sticky Rice” or “Sweet Rice” The rice has opaque white , soft and sticky when cooked.

Black Glutinous Rice

9. Black Glutinous Rice

Known as black sticky rice, rich in Anthocyanins, which are natural antioxidants. The rice can be used in sweet and savory Asian dishes. 

Thai White Rice

10. Thai White Rice

Well-rise and fluffy when cooked. Recommended for stir-fried dishes such as fried rice.  

Thai Hom Mali Broken Rice

11. Thai Hom Mali Broken Rice

called “Rice Bits” A small fragment of pure Thai Hom Mali Rice. Various selection of bits size is available.