Crispy rice cake and pork and shrimp dipping




150    g    Minced pork
150    g    Minced shrimp 
1    tsp    Pepper 
2    Tbsp    Garlic
1    Tbsp    Coriander root
2    cup    Coconut milk
2    Tbsp    Sugar
3    Tbsp    Fish sauce
3    Tbsp    Tamarind juice

how to cook

1. Put the coriander , garlic and pepper together and mix the minced pork and shrimp evenly

2. Pour  coconut milk , add minced pork and mix well

3. Put it  into the pot and cook until it is ripe. Season with fish sauce , coconut sugar and tamarind juice

4. Pour the food into a bowl and garnish it with chili and coriander

5. Serve with Crispy rice cake

benefit from rice

Sinlek Rice :  Prevent Diabetes