Mediterranean Germinated Brown Rice Salad

Salad (Serving size : 4)


2    cup    Germinated Brown rice
4    cup    Chicken stock
Salt to taste
4    Tbsp    Olive oil
4    Tbsp    Lemon juice
1    tsp    Shallot, minced
¼    tsp    Garlic, minced
¼    tsp    Ground black pepper
¼    tsp    Chicken bouillon powder
½    tsp    Salt
2    Tbsp    Mint, finely chiffonade
1    tsp    Parsley, finely chopped
Other salad condiments such as cucumber, cherry tomato, blanched green beans, carrot.


how to cook

1. Cook Germinated brown rice with chicken stock, as direction suggested by the rice cooker. Let the rice cool down.

2. Combine all ingredients and toss with cooled down rice and salad condiments. Correct seasoning if needed. Serve at room temperature or chilled.

benefit from rice

Germinated Brown Rice (GABA Rice): Prevent Onset  Alzheimer’s