Corn Salad with Salted Duck Egg

(Serving size : 2-3)

A delicious Thai salad, Som-Tum-Kao-Pod  is a corn salad that combines all four tastes - sour, chilli, sweet and salty. 


3    cup    Yellow corn, cooked and seeded
½    cup    Carrot, grated to fine strips
¼    cup    Long bean, 1 inch cut
¼    cup    Cherry tomato, halved
2    clove    Garlic
3    each    Thai bird chilies
2    Tbsp    Dried shrimp, soaked
2    Tbsp    Tamarind paste
2-3    Tbsp    Fish sauce
2    Tbsp    Palm sugar
5-6    Tbsp    Lime juice
1    each    Salted egg yolk
1    each    Salted egg, for condiment


how to cook

1. Pound garlic, chilies and dried shrimp with mortar and pestle until mushy. Add long bean and carrot.

2. Add all seasoning from tamarind, fish sauce, palm sugar and lime juice. Pound gently until homogenous.

3. Add salted egg yolk and mix well. Toss in corn and transfer to a serving plate. Serve with warm Black Sticky Rice.

benefit from rice

Black Sticky Rice : Nourish Eyes