Sweet & Sour Pork

(Serving size : 2)

The easy stir-fry of pork with vegetables and sweet-and-sour sauce.


200    g    Pork loin, bite-size cubed
1    cup    Pre-mix batter flour
Deep frying oil
2    Tbsp    Vegetable oil
½    cup    Carrot, diagonal cut
½    cup    Onion, cubed
¼    cup    Cherry tomato, halved
¼    cup    Red bell pepper, cubed
¼    cup    Green bell pepper, cubed
¼    cup    Yellow bell pepper, cubed
½    tsp    Garlic, chopped
1    Tbsp    Tomato ketchup
1    Tbsp    Tamarind sauce
2    Tbsp    Sugar
1    Tbsp    Fish sauce
1    Tbsp    Corn starch, dissolved with some water
¼    cup    Chicken stock


how to cook

1. In a small heavy saucepot, add deep frying oil and bring to 180C. Season cubed pork loin with some salt and pepper. Dredge in pre-mix flour and fry until golden over medium heat. Transfer to a cooling rack.

2. In a wok, add vegetable oil and stir fry all vegetables until fragrant. 

3. Season with all seasoning and add water. Bring to a low simmer and thicken with cornstarch. Add golden pork loin cube back to the wok and toss to coat. 

4. Place on a serving plate and serve with cooked Mixed Red&White Jasmine Rice

benefit from rice

Mixed Red & White Jasmine Rice :  Energy & helps digestive system