Salt & Pepper Crispy Tofu

 (Serving size : 2)



1    package    Firm Tofu, cubed
1    cup        Cornstarch
1    Tbsp        Sesame seed
2    cup        Deep frying oil
2    Tbsp        Garlic, minced
1    Tbsp        Ginger, finely julienned
1    Tbsp        Red chili, minced
½    tsp        Black pepper
1    Tbsp        Soy sauce
¼    tsp        Salt
Green onion and crispy basil for garnish


how to cook

1. In a deep pot, heat frying oil over medium heat. Dredge cubed tofu in a mixture of cornstarch and sesame seed. Fry until golden and transfer to a cooling rack.

2. Heat a sauté pan over medium heat, fry garlic and ginger with some oil until crispy. Remove some excess oil then add in red chili and black pepper.

3. Season with some soy sauce and salt. Add fried tofu, garlic and ginger back to the pan. Toss well and transfer to a serving plate. Serve with warm porridge of Brown Rice Germ. 

benefit from rice

Brown Rice Germ: Reduce Cholesterol